Dalhousie is best Known for its amazing climate and natural beauty. It is the famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh and surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains. Dalhousie is known after its founder Lord Dalhousie, British Governor-General in India. The place also has few quaint churches. dalhousie trip


I started from Delhi to Dalhousie with my friends, endued with enchanting beauty, certain tranquility of its ambiance, and also the serenity and sacredness of its culture. As we started our journey in the evening so we plan for dinner at Karnal. We reached Karnal at 9.00 P.M in the evening so we were having enough time to have a delicious dinner. Then we started our journey towards Dalhousie. It took almost 9hr to reach Dalhousie from Karnal. The road is pretty good if you follow the Hoshiarpur-Pathankot-Dalhousie route. After the sweltering heat in Delhi, it felt good to experience pleasant weather when the bus entered the state of Himachal Pradesh. The attractive hilly landscape was a treat for the eyes. dalhousie


We reached Dalhousie at 7:30 AM and there was snowfall going at that point which gave a beautiful twist to our trip & then we straight went to our hotel to have some rest. Moreover, the location of the guest house was awesome & it was surrounded by thick trees & was on the tip of the mountain. The weather was soothing with cool healthy air which you’ll never experience in Delhi.

It is built on and around five hills. The roads of Dalhousie are famous for their shape as 8. The roads surrounding the two adjacent hills joints, to create an 8. The curving road and also the jaw-dropping cliff on one side of the road did nothing to assuage our troubled hearts. Thick forests of pine and deodar covered Capitol Hill slopes with the trunks of the trees easily some feet wide.


Our hotel was near Lover’s Lane & we decided to go to the St. Francis Church at Subhash Chowk that evening. One will love the architectural great thing about the church. It’s a very old church built by English men within the early 19th century. dalhousie

Then we decided to walk to Gandhi Chowk around 2 Km. we loved each & every moment of the walk which was filled with ecstatic natural beauty. I actually have never seen such beautiful mountain views in my life before.

We got a beautiful view of the snow-capped Pir Panjal range of mountains surrounded by thick forests of pine and deodar trees at Mall Road.


We wake up at around 8.00 in the morning & plan to just have a decent stroll in the morning to adore the natural beauty. After having our breakfast at our hotel we track down the mountain to reach the famous Laxmi Narayan temple. Moreover, we decided to track it till that place. One of the people was also going to the same place so we decided to follow him. We thanked him for such a beautiful gesture & hospitality. dalhousie

The track was 2.5Km from Lover’s Lane & took 10-15 minutes to succeed in the temple. We seek blessings at the temple & decided to move on. Afterward, we came back to our hotel and enjoyed the Dj Night and Bonfire.


We planned to go to Khaijjiar often called “mini-Switzerland of India.’ and drove towards Gandhi Chowk from Panchpulla where another road climbs up towards Lakkadmandi/Khajjiar (as a little signboard guided us). On our way to Khajjiar, we first reached Dainkund Snow Point and enjoyed ourselves there in the snow. dalhousie khajjiar

We reached Khajjiar by noon as roads were blocked from the snow. A green valley with a spring within the middle, Khajjiar is known as ‘mini-Switzerland of India’ for its meadow look. Although, it looked a bit like Gulmarg, a good-looking hill station within the state of Jammu & Kashmir. There, we mostly engaged in fun activities and sightseeing which included the Khajjiar lake and a few forest trails nearby. there have been vendors everywhere selling foodstuffs, candy floss, balloons, etc. Our Khajjiar trip plan was perfect!


It was for exploring the Scotland of India – the gorgeous Khajjiar. Undoubtedly, Dalhousie is surrounded by gorgeous lakes, pastures, and forests. One can enjoy just sitting in the grass, staring at the flowers, and soaking in warm sunlight.

Post that, by evening, we came to the hotel just in time for dinner and a bonfire. This really uplifted our spirit even more. A bonfire was exactly what we needed to give warmth from the biting cold. After singing and dancing around the bonfire we went back to our rooms and called it an evening.


This was our last day in Dalhousie so we had an early breakfast and left quickly for Delhi as it started heavy snowfall. On our way back to Delhi, due to heavy snowfall and rainfall, we got late on our way and we reached Jalandhar by 7 PM and had our dinner over there. And enjoyed the games and had a photo session at Jalandhar Haveli. And around 10:30 we started our journey from Jalandhar to Delhi, and we reached Delhi by 6 AM the next morning.

The trip was full of fun and enjoyment, moreover, our phones were full of memories {pictures and videos}.

Tips For Future Travelers:

  • Carry warm clothes as after snowfall, temperature dives all the way down to negative usually.
  • Dalhousie could be a perfect destination for solo travelers, honeymooners, groups to unwind and relax.
  • While planning a visit to Dalhousie and Khajjiar, make sure that you’ve got your itinerary ready beforehand.

There’s such a lot to see in Dalhousie that believe me, you wouldn’t feel like returning.