Childhood Dreams on the Shimla Toy Train

The most attractive and visited hill station within the state of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla. A preferred summer retreat for tourists coming from different places. shimla journey

Charm of Shimla

The smooth, shiny slopes of snow-draped mountains are surely inviting. Doing adventures like Camping, trekking, paragliding, skiing, or performing yoga while enjoying the rays of the sun is bliss!

Nature has granted all its love to this city and adorned it with the grand seven hills on which it’s settled.

shimla journey

Shimla may be a well-developed city, but still, the natural beauty all around is pleasant. Grand hills and Shimla are almost synonymous with one another. It attracts numerous tourists because it’s something for everybody. Jakhu Temple, Tara Devi temple, St. Mary’s Church, Kali Bari, Sankat Mochan Temple, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Dorje Drak Monastery, Kamna Devi Temple, Bhimakali Temple, and Christ Church are active places of worship that provide stunning views together with spiritual peace.

But, this blog is neither about Shimla’s attractions nor about its history and culture. Rather, it details the amazing journey that one can undertake to reach this jewel of an area – a ride on the famous Shimla Toy Train.

Kalka to Shimla Railway Track

Shimla Toy Train called the Kalka-Shimla Railway. The Kalka-Shimla Railway is a 2 feet 6-inch narrow-gauge railway line, which matches along a mountainous route from Kalka to Shimla. It’s famous for its picturesque views of the snow-covered peaks and also the villages. During the winters as the snow falls and covers the route, the journey will become the foremost memorable of your life.

The construction of the Kalka-Shimla track occurred within the late 19th century to connect Shimla with the rest of the Indian Railways. Now over 100 years old, the Kalka Shimla Rail route offers the old-world charm of traveling. The 96-kilometer ride on a track, sometimes turning at angles as sharp as 48 degrees, is mind-blowing.

Train passes through 102 tunnels and crosses over 800 bridges. With hills on each side, the railway line feels like two silver threads amidst two cliffs. The tiny train moves with great pride and power on the bridges and across emitting streams. It’s a sight and skill to be cherished. The cool breeze and the aromatic air will stretch you over your feet.

Fare of Toy Train

With a fare of Toy Train in Shimla starting from Rs. 70 to Rs. 500, one can have a fascinating experience during an excursion to Shimla.

The Journey

As you commence your ride, you’ll expect a climb as soon because it departs from the Kalka station. The toy train runs along the road, whistling amongst the most effective scenic views within the world. Forests are filled with deodar, oak, and maple woods, and trains crossed at a speed of only 22 km per hour, providing you with ample time to enjoy the landscape. The journey shows the transition from one vegetation type to a different, the glory of the railway stations, and the bridges that come on the way. The smell of fresh dew on trees, chirping of the birds, humble village folk and grazing cattle, and soft rays of the sun are bound to detox you.

There are toy trains that are designed to recreate the bygone era for passengers. it’s advised to take a seat on the right side while traveling towards Shimla and on the left while heading to Kalka. Book your tickets beforehand to experience the fun as these trains are always overbooked, especially within the summer season. Also, remember to book a hotel in Shimla before the tourist season kicks in and the price starts soaring.