The year 2020 shows and teaches so many new things to all of us. The pandemic hits each and everyone at some point. COVID19 made everyone to sit at home and do everything inside their home only. And since March 2020, everyone is pursuing their work from home only. As per the guidelines even after unlocking, still so many offices and workplaces are closed. In order to follow SOCIAL DISTANCING, everyone prefers to stay inside and have a safe environment to complete their works. I spent a good deal of time reading about working from home. I would scour the corners of the internet to find any work from home opportunity that was out there. my creation

In that time, I learned about legitimate ways to earn extra money online, how to find freelance work, and where to go to when looking for some of the best jobs leads around (all while getting some practical advice, too!). What I feel while staying home, and doing the work is all I tried to sum up in these given points.

Some WORK FROM HOME etiquettes every company and managers must know:

1. Work from home doesn’t mean that the person is available anytime. Make a proper schedule and fix the timings, and avoid disturbing beyond it. As another person has their own life too except for the work. As this pandemic hits the mental health of every individual.

2. Video calls must be scheduled in advance. Don’t just video call, as it may hamper the privacy of the employee. One must understand the privacy of every individual. There are a lot more things to get a fix before coming on a video call.

3. Weekends are still weekends and don’t just drag the work on weekends too. In order to get productivity on weekdays, just grant holiday on the weekend as earlier it was. Employees can relax and also complete their pending personal works on weekends.

4. Message before making a call if you hate being “not picked at the first time”. Informed before as there could be many reasons for not picking at once…nature calls, taking medicine, handling family or bad weather, or network issues too.

5. Every individual is giving their contribution in completing their work. Everyone gets paid for their work. So start appreciating each other for more positive outcomes.


Be sensitive to your employees as the concept of WORK FROM HOME is also new to them. Do trust their honesty rather than assuming anything against them. As no one wants to sit at the same place inside the same 4 walls. It is difficult for everyone to deal with this situation where every place is closed. No way of physical entertainment, Netflix, and watching movies sitting at home is not going to give complete mental peace to anyone.

Let’s try to help each other and stop criticizing anyone!!!